Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Those We Lost in 2013--Part 1

We lost a lot of great people in the literary world in 2013.  Over the next few weeks we will highlight some of these authors and their works.  Hopefully, we will introduce you to a new favorite or help you celebrate the lives of those you already love.

Chinua Achebe--(1930-2013)--Collected Poems
He was a Nigerian novelist and poet whose novel Things Fall Apart is the most widely-read book in modern African literature.  It sold 8 million copies and was translated into 50 languages--making him the most translated African writer of all time.  He was 82.

Iain M. Banks--(1954-2013)--Consider Phlebas
He was a Scottish fiction and science fiction author. He published 26 novels and his 27th The Quarry, was released after his death. The asteroid "5099--Iainbanks" was named for him posthumously.  He died two months after being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 59.

"If you've never read any of his books, read one of his books.
Then read another."
Neil Gaiman

Tom Clancy--(1947-2013)--The Hunt for Red October
He was an American author and historian born and raised in Baltimore, MD.  He is best known for his technically detailed spy and military thrillers.  More than 100 million copies of his books are in print.  He died on October 1st at the age of 66.

Janet Dailey--(1944-2013)--This Calder Range
She was an American romance author who was born in Iowa but made her home in Branson, Missouri.  Over 325 million copies of her books are in print and sold in 98 countries.  She was 69.

Vince Flynn--(1966-2013)--American Assassin
He was an author of political thrillers who hailed from St. Paul, Minnesota. His books were loved by presidents and were so realistic that the government had to make sure no national secrets were leaked.  He died at the too-young-age of 47 and leaves behind a wife and three children.

Margaret Frazer--(1946-2013)--The Novice's Tale
She was a fiction author who wrote over twenty historical mysteries.  She was born in Illinois but she lived and worked in Minnesota.  She died at the age of 66 after a twenty year fight with breast cancer.

Jack Vance--(1916-2013)--Songs of the Dying Earth
He was an American mystery, science fiction, and fantasy author. His books won multiple awards including both a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award.  He was 96.

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