Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An award you wouldn't want on your mantle

There are a lot of awards I can imagine winning that I would want to proudly display.  The Man Booker Prize, for example, presents a lovely bronze pen nib.  Pretty fancy-schmancy up there on the ol' mantle with special lighting (yes, technically I'm ineligible for the Man Booker since I'm not in the UK and, yes, technically I've never actually "written" anything per se, but a girl's gotta have a plan, and why not start with the lighting design for my Booker prize display?).  
If I decide to start writing prize-winning mysteries, winning the Edgar would be pretty nifty.  It's a kitschy little bust of Edgar Allan Poe.  This would look fun and playful in a bright family room.  Of course, if the mystery I write has an amateur detective in a closed setting, I could win the Agatha, a charming teapot bearing the image of a Jolly Roger.  (To keep it from being creepy, the skull holds a rose between its teeth.)  That, my friends, would look pretty cool in any kitchen.

Other book awards, like the Nobel Prize for Literature and the National Book Award, aren't quite as fun for decorative purposes, but carry with them a certain distinction that would allow one to overlook the fact that they added nothing to the ambience of a home.  (Plus, I haven't actually started writing yet, so I probably shouldn't get carried away thinking about these two prizes.)

There are some awards, though, that would require a little more planning and ingenuity when considering where to put them.  Consider Ian McEwan's latest award: his newest novel, Solar, has won the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award for literary comic fiction.  (Of course he's got time to write great fiction; he won the Booker Prize for Amsterdam in 1998, so he had his pen-nib lighting design dilemma solved years ago and no longer has to spend time planning that.)  I want to know, though, what he's going to do with the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award: it's a pig.  A real, live, actual pig; it's been named Solar for the book.  There is no lighting design that can make that work on a mantle.  Still, I'm intrigued about McEwan's new novel and am eager to check it out, given the good reviews the award committee gave.  If it's checked out and you're interested in other award-winning books while you wait for Solar to be available, check out our Great Books Great Libraries list of prize-winners.  (Lighting designs not included.)

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