Thursday, June 10, 2010

Five Days Apart

I just finished Chris Binchy's newest novel Five Days Apart. There have been some comparisons to Dan Chaon's work, which is what drew me in to this title. I loved Chaon's latest, Await Your Reply, and was hoping for something similar. While I believe the comparisons between the two authors miss the mark, I still thought this was a fun, quick read. Five Days Apart is set for a late June release, so enjoy this sneak preview.

The novel centers on David and Alex, two old friends living in Dublin, Ireland. David is shy, quiet and not quite sure of himself around the opposite sex. Alex is the exact opposite and has a very easy time speaking to anyone. When David sees Camille at a party and runs to tell Alex about this girl, he unwittingly sets off a ticking time bomb that threatens all three of their personal lives.

Alex winds up hitting it off with Camille while David is left to wonder why his friend would betray him when he knew that David liked her. He deals with it by immersing himself in his new IT job where he gets along very well with his boss and impresses a few important people along the way. Eventually he does make contact with Alex who begins inviting David to go out with him and Camille. While things go well for awhile, you get the feeling that David's past feelings for Camille are going to eventually surface.

This is a very quick read that makes one think about missed opportunities. David finds himself in a conundrum, stuck between his best friend and his secret love. His decisions can make him happy in the end, miserable, or both.

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