Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last Dog On the Hill

I loved this book! It's a story about a very special dog but also about love, friendship, loyalty and redemption. It is a very touching tribute to Steve's dog, Lou. 

Lou's life is extradordinary, not just because of the unbelievable work that this heroic canine accomplished throughout his long and  well-loved life, but because of the amazing bond that he and Steve forged.
Steve's sense of humor comes through loud and clear in an easy, engaging read after which you wish you could have met Lou the wonder-dog yourself.

Do not get me wrong this is not your typical 'Hero Dog' story. On the contrary, throughout the book I cringed, laughed, whooped and cried. Lou starts off as an angelic flea-bag foundling. He’s super dog and mischevious mutt all rolled into one. His master's limitless patience and determination transforms him into a well-trained, thinking, master-redeemer of death-row dogs.

This book has it all, emotion, suspense, a good cast of characters, wit and precision writing. And each of these elements is vividly present in Last Dog on the Hill. Steve Duno had a special relationship with his dog and we are fortunate that Steve took the time to honor his beloved dog.

It is a must read for anyone because it transcends the "dog person" story and touches on the bonds between people as well as the bonds between humans and their pets and is filled with remarkable insight.
One of the big questions I found myself asking was whether Steve Duno rescued Lou or whether it was Lou that rescued Steve Duno.

I hope you are as enchanted by this story as I was.  It's a story that will make you smile, laugh out-loud, make you think and yes, shed a few tears. Who could ask for more in a book?

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