Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the RITA goes to ...

As you may recall I like happy endings so what better medium for a happy ending than a romance novel. On July 31st in Orlando, FL the winners of the 2010 RITA awards were announced. A RITA Award of Excellence Winner is an award that recognizes outstanding published romance novels and novellas.  The winners are voted the best of the best by their peers within the Romance Writers of America.

There are 12 categories for RITA awards so I am doing a two part series. Here is the initial listing of finalists and winners that our library owns.

For Best First Book:

One Scream Away(winner) by Kate Brady
Witty Dialogue and a good use of police procedures combined with a dose of psychological profiling creates a great suspensful thriller fans will love. A fast paced romantic thriller.

He Calls Her Doc by Mary Brady
A western romance filled with challenges of Emergency procedures and being accepted as a woman in a man's profession out west.

The Better Part Of Darkness by Kelly Gay
This is a captivating urban fantasy romance.

Stolen Fury by Elizabeth Naughton
An archeological adventure story filled with mystery, intrigue and danger.

Nothing Like You  Lauren Strasnick.
A quick paced powerful read about poor choices, consequences and friendship.

The Last Will Of Moira Leahy : A Novel/ Therese Walsh.
A cross genre novel that entwines romance, mystery and intrigue.

For Contemporary Series Romance Novel

A Not-So-Perfect Past (winner) by Beth Andrews
A story of redemption, healing and second chances.

For Contemporary Series Romance Suspense/Adventure Novel

Mountain investigation by Jessica Anderson
A renegade FBI agent rescues a beautiful woman, who he believes was involved in the murder of his loved ones.

For Contemporary Single Romance Novel

Too Good To Be True (Winner) by Kristan Higgins
An excellent funny light-hearted story with loveable characters.

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl
A steamy story about Molly Jenkins, a secret writer of erotic fiction, her stalker and the lawman who needs to save the day.

True Love And Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson
Faith's husband dies leaving her loaded with a hockey team to run. A lively story filled with steamy scenes on and off the ice.

For The Love Of Pete by Sheryl Woods
A light hearted story about forgiveness and everlasting love.

Dirty Sexy Knitting by Christie Ridgway
A funny story of true love with all its ups and downs. This is part of a trilogy but can also stand alone.

Instant Attraction by Jill Shavis
The first of a trilogy introduces readers to the Wilder clan.  This book is witty and fun.

For Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

The Better Part Of Darkness (Winner) by Kelly Gay
Charlie Madigan is a divorced mother and police officer who is trying to keep her loved ones safe from off-worlders.  This is a complex and captivating urban fantasy.

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