Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the Queue

The Wolves of Andover
by Kathleen Kent
Strong-willed Martha falls in love with mysterious Thomas. Rumor has it that Thomas was connected to the death of King Charles I. After Thomas saves Martha from a wolf, he discovers assassins have arrived from
London to capture Charles I’s executioner.

The Distant Hours
by Kate Morton
A letter sent in 1941 finally reaches its destination in 1992 with powerful repercussions for Edie, a London book editor. The letter is addressed to Edie’s mother, then a young teen evacuated to Milderhurst Castle during WWII. Curious, Edie visits the castle in search of answers. Why was her mother so devastated by a letter sent 51 years earlier?

by Simon Winchester
Winchester returns with his epic “biography” of the Atlantic Ocean, from its origins millions of years ago through the population of its shores by humanity. He examines the early explorations and the perils of the open sea. This saga is necessary reading for those who want to understand the planet better.

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