Saturday, March 19, 2011

It only takes a moment

  It's funny how one moment or event can make time slow and make you look at your life.  The book written by Lisa Genova, Left Neglected takes a glimpse at life for Sarah and her family.  Sarah was independent and a work-a-holic. She enjoyed her family but making time for them was another item on her long to-do list. This to-do-list came to a crashing halt the day she was looking for her phone while driving. It changed her family's life forever.

Lisa Genova follows up her NY Times best seller, Still Alice, with another surefire hit.  Left Neglected  is another fantastic book that details the lives of those who are brain injured. Her new book focuses on Left Neglect, an unusual brain injury, that is caused by damage to the right cerebral hemisphere. This injury causes the person to visually neglect the left-hand side of space. This means that the person with this injury cannot feel, recognize or see things on their left side. It could be the left side of a room, the left side of their body or even the left side of their plate.

Genova approaches this serious subject with humor and candor. She shows us what it is like as Sarah begins to realize all the changes she needs to make in her life to cope with her disability.  I highly recommend this book and hope you will look at your own priorities.  Perhaps one of the choices you will choose to make is not texting and driving.

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