Friday, October 21, 2011

Darkness, My Old Friend

I recently finished Lisa Unger's latest title, Darkness, My Old Friend.  I first found out about Unger through last year's Fragile, which I wrote reviewed in a blog post.  To say I couldn't wait for this latest offering is a bit of an understatement.

This story returns to the sleepy little town simply called The Hollows.  Jones, the police officer from Fragile, returns along with his wife Maggie, though Jones plays a more prominent role than Maggie in this story.  The story begins with Willow Graves, who has moved to the Hollows with mother, skipping school one day and wandering through the woods behind Hollows High School.  What she sees there sets off a chain reaction that affects several people, including Jones, throughout this small town.  Jones must figure out how Michael Holt fits in to what Willow sees.  Holt has returned to the Hollows to solve the mystery of his mother who disappeared from town when he was young.  And what about Paula Carr, who wishes to take her children and leave the abusive relationship with her husband?   

The intriguing character of Eloise, the local psychic who often helps the police, returns for the second Hollows offering.  She sees a vision and warns the ever skeptical Jones that he may be in trouble.  But he may need to seek her assistance more than he wishes.  Unger has a teriffic way of tying together all of the seemingly independent stories in Darkness, My Old Friend.  I was impressed yet again with her storytelling and will look forward to her next book.

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askwclibrary said...

She is a fantastic writer. She also writes under the name Lisa Miscone. Check those books out, too.