Sunday, May 7, 2017

Escape from the Library - New Program & Locked-Room Mysteries

The Library is hosting a new program this month that I'm really excited to promote: Adults Breakout of the Library

The program is inspired by the Escape the Room subgenre of videogames. The premise is simple: a person or a group of people are locked in a room or building and are forced to find the means to escape by  solving clues. The first real life games, called breakout rooms, started appearing in Japan around 2006 and have increased in popularity ever since.

In the Library's program, which will have 3 scenarios to choose from, your team will have 45 minutes to decipher a series of riddles, piece together all the clues, and find the key to save the world. If you think you and a team of your friends or family have the skills needed to win, please register and give this a try!

The program is on Saturday, May 20th, 6p-8p. It is open to ages 16 and older, so you can bring the family if you have older teens. We recommend groups be anywhere from 4 to 8 people.  

Registration is required by filling out this form. We wanted to give people lots of options for registering so you can: 1) fill the form and email it back to us at, 2) drop it off at the Library next time you are in, or 3) give us a call at 937-433-8091 ext. 2 to have a staff member register you.

If this sounds intriguing and you want to read something in a similar vein, make sure to check out the subgenre of locked-room mysteries. These mysteries are essentially howdunits - in some of them, you even know who the killer or criminal is. The plot is primarily focused on  how a crime was perpetrated or how the perpetrator was able to evade detection. A few locked-room mysteries that I've enjoyed:

Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino
When a man about to leave his wife is found murdered and the wife has a too-convenient alibi that convinces a smitten lead detective of her innocence, Professor Manubu Yukawa is tapped by a concerned Kaoru Utsumi to solve a seemingly impossible case.

Camera Obscura by Lavie Tidhar
A puzzling murder inside a locked and bolted room on the Rue Morgue in Paris takes Lady De Winter, an agent for the Quiet Council, to the highest and lowest parts of the city, and causes her to question reality.

Midsummer Crown by Kate Sedley
As Richard of Gloucester begins his bid for the English crown in 1483, Roger investigates the disappearance of a young boy whose tutor has been found murdered in an apparently locked room.

Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer
A colorful assortment of guests at a festive holiday house party discover there is a killer in their midst when their universally reviled host is found dead-in a room locked from the inside.

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