Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The (Greatly Exaggerated?) Death of Chick Lit

I will freely admit that my reading habits are a bit backward from what might be expected.  I often hear about "beach reads" for the summer, followed by a wintry season of more serious, literary works.  Maybe I'm literarily Australian, because I tend to work in reverse of that norm.  In the summer, I can handle the heavier, headier tomes.  In the winter, I like to read cozy, funny, and light...which is all to explain why, on a recent cold day I was desperately looking for some new chick lit.

I was somewhat disheartened when I started searching for new chick lit titles and found almost nothing.  I started panicking, and realized that I'd not seen many new chick lit titles for a while.  I started looking at some of my favorite chick lit blogs and noticed that they hadn't been updated in a while, which made me a little more nervous.  Is chick lit... dead?  A quick Google search assured me that, while many say it is, Chick Lit is not dead (including a fantastically factual and funny defense of the genre at the blog chicklitisnotdead.com). 

The biggest problem is that chick lit, because it's had a bad rap, is often not identified as such.  Authors and publishers try to make it sound more respectable with the label "women's fiction."  And, it is women's fiction, because it's largely by women, for women, and about women.  But, it's not just women's fiction because it's told in a different voice; it's got more humor, and it usually feels far more personal and confiding.  So, if you're a chick lit fan and have despaired about the lack of good titles, never fear: they're there, they're just hiding in serious labels.  If you want some help sorting through those, we're here for you: sign up for the chick lit newsletter -- we'll deliver it to your inbox monthly.  (And, if you don't like chick lit, but are looking for other books, there are other newsletters, too.)

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Liz Fenton said...

Thanks for the shout out! Chick lit is soooo not dead! Xo, Liz & Lisa