Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pimp my bookcart, please!

Who says librarians aren't cool? Just take a look at the winners and runners-up of Unshelved's 2010 Pimp My Bookcart contest. For the unaware (and for those who never thought they'd see the words "pimp" and "bookcart" in the same sentence), "Pimp My Bookcart was an annual contest run by the library-themed comic strip Unshelved, inspired by this comic strip sequence, to see who can best pimp, trick out, or otherwise improve a standard book cart. Libraries and schools often stage kids and/or teen programs to generate entries." Unfortunately, this year's contest will be the last, so if you and your fellow librarians were hoping to get your pimp on, you're out of luck. By the way, The Readbox rules!

And if all this talk of bookcarts doesn't interest you, don't forget to check out Unshelved. They've got a Bookclub where they offer great book reviews, a store, and, of course, a hysterical daily comic strip to brighten your day. Enjoy!

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