Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doctor Sleep

Sabbatha hanti
Lodsam hanti
Cahanna risone hanti

They call themselves the True Knot, and they endure. They look normal enough, mostly like the retirees you might find reading the paper in your local library on any given morning, with a few younger ones sprinkled in for a bit of seasoning. They love to travel, and they roam the country in a caravan of motorhomes. Who knows, you may have even passed them on the highway, or seen them parked at a rest stop or campground. Good thing you didn't stop to say howdy-doo though, for when you're traveling through Stephen King country, looks are almost always deceiving. Yep, you guessed it: the True Knot are the Big Bads of King's latest novel, Doctor Sleep, and they are ruthless murderers who feed with vampire-like nastiness on what they call steam: the living essence emitted from children with the shining when they're being tortured.

If the word "shining" caught your eye, good, for Doctor Sleep
is a sequel of sorts to The Shining, which King wrote in 1977 and which introduced the world to Danny Torrance, a little boy with extraordinary psychic powers--the shining, if you will. Danny boy is all grown up now, and even though he's still wrestling with the tragic events that occurred during his stay at the Overlook Hotel when he was a kid, he seems to have achieved some sort of stability in his life thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous and a steady job at a New Hampshire hospice called the Helen Rivington House. Using his remaining powers, Dan has developed a knack with residents who are about to pass, a way of easing them into that good night, and this earns him the nickname "Doctor Sleep" and, for once, a sense of worth in his life.

So do Dan and the True Knot eventually cross swords? You better believe it, but it isn't Dan that they want. No, they've set their black eyes and bottomless appetites on a tastier morsel: Abra Stone, a twelve-year-old with tremendous psychic powers. Indeed, the shining is very strong with Abra, and the True Knot want to eat her alive. Easier said than done, though, for having befriended this extraordinary girl and knowing a bit about the devils she's up against, Dan promises to protect her, thus setting the stage for a truly epic paranormal showdown.
Doctor Sleep is Stephen King doing what he does best, and if you like that, you'll love this book. So get yourself comfy and let Uncle Steve tell you a nice bedtime story. I promise you won't have nightmares . . .

(fingers crossed).    

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