Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A car wreck, a cardiac arrest, and an unintentional spate of good books about death

If my husband was inclined to browse through my book selection recently, he might have been a little worried.  It's not that he would have cause to, it's just that I've read several books in the past couple of weeks that involved 30-something women and the unexpected death of their husbands.  It was unintentional, but I can see how that pattern might be a bit disconcerting. 

The first one I stumbled across was Emily and Einstein.  Emily didn't realize her husband, Sandy, was on his way to tell her he wanted a divorce when he was killed by a car.  Sandy wasn't ready to die and is given a chance to make things right by staying on as a stray dog named Einstein.  Alternating chapters between Emily's and Einstein's perspectives, the book gives Sandy a chance to become a good man as a dog to make up for the dog he was as a man.  Susan Isaac's new book, As Husbands Go, like Emily and Einstein, also addresses the grief and confusion felt by new widows. 

Shortly after that, I moved on to Sara Pekkanen's new title, Skipping a Beat, which begins with, "When my husband, Michael, died for the first time..." so I knew pretty quickly that it would join my collection of dead-husband books.  Pekkanen explores the relationship between Julia and Michael, who were also near divorce, after his resuscitation from a 4 1/2 minute long cardiac arrest.  

For some older titles, P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern and Good Grief by Lolly Winston are also great reads on this subject.  For now, I'm off to go find some books that won't cause my husband to worry about my intentions. 

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