Thursday, May 5, 2011

Personalized Reading Requests Covered @ WCPL!

Have you just finished your favorite author's series and are stuck on where to go from here?  Are you looking for classic titles with great character development?  Or maybe you're looking for mysteries with a lot of action?  Don't worry!  We have you covered!

The WCPL Readers' Advisors offer the Personalized Reading List Request online for those who would like suggestions on what to read next.  Choose between different genres such as romance, mystery, horror, nonfiction, etc.  Tell us what you've read and enjoyed or even what you didn't enjoy.  There's even space to tell us what you want the focus of the book to be, where you want the setting to be, what you like from the main character, and more!  You will be sent a list of 8-10 titles that fit your interests!

The Personalized Reading List Request is also available in the library!  The print request gives you the same options as the online version, but with the added bonus of being offered while your browsing the library.  Find print forms at any service desk or ask a staff member. 

Lists are sent within 3-5 days by email or you can opt to pick up your list at the library.  Happy reading!

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