Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Returned: A Miracle or An Abomination?

Every so often you find a book that grips you from the beginning and makes you question everything you know. It makes you wonder what you would do if you were in the same situation. The Returned, a debut novel by Jason Mott, is one of those novels. It is a gripping tale that will haunt and mesmerize you. A beautifully written story that will have you turning pages to learn what happens next.

Jason's premise is simple, what if your deceased loved one returned from the grave. No, this is not a supernatural thriller. There are no zombies. The returned look like the living, act like the living and have the memories of their departed self. They were dead and now they are not. It is really rather simple until hundreds, even thousands of returned appear.

For Lucille and Harold Hargrave when Agent Bellamy knocks on their door with 8 year old, Jacob Hargrave by his side, Lucille believes it is a miracle. Her son Jacob drowned fifty years ago and now he is alive. Harold does not know what the boy is, but he knows the boy is not his son. Lucille wants to keep him, so they do, but Harold is uneasy. He is not alone, the rest of the world is also anxious.

There are returned appearing everywhere. The living are afraid. There are so many returned, soon the returned may outnumber the living. The bureau that was designed to deal with the returned and their families is overwhelmed. As tensions mount the government decides to confine the returned to their homes. This only increases the tension between the living and the returned and soon the government determines the returned have even less rights. The question is are the returned even human.

This haunting novel will make you think and make you wonder what you would do if your deceased child or spouse returned. Would you accept them as a miracle or would you treat them as an abomination and want to send them back? This is truly a debut novel that should not be missed.

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